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Generally there tends to be a bit more to it if you want the nav system to work, such as updating the whole system to Bose speakers/amps and adding a GPS antenna.


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I thought that there is a non-Bose navigation radio that I've seen on other cars. Correct me if I am wrong.

As far as I know... "ALL" nav units in the 2006 DTS are equipped with the BOSE radio and speakers.

I could be mistaken, but I don't think I am.

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I spoke to a Caddy dealer and with the Bose issue aside, he said i would need a new BCM, ECM and harness. The harness is questionable since I thought all cars would have a complete harness installed for all options. (Correct me if I am wrong) As far as the BCM and ECM, I have searched online and all the parts suppliers I have contacted do not specify a different part number for a BCM and ECM with navigation radio. I might even agree with a different BCM module but what does the ECM have to do with the navigation radio? Please shed some light on this. Thanks

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I think the wiring harness your dealer mentioned...is the wiring for the BOSE amp and the Bose speakers.

The NAV radio uses different amp and speakers that your car has.

To do it... you will need AT LEAST all of this...


front door speakers

Rear door speakers

trunk mounted amp

A pillar tweeters

the GPS antenna that goes under the front dash pad

the wiring harness to connect it all together

the VSS wire from the transmission to the radio

and of course the NAV radio

then you take all four door panels off, both "A" pillar panels, the top dash pad. and take part of the carpet out...after removong the back seat and disconnecting the battery before you start.

After you remove all the old stuff and get the new stuff all installed, it needs to go to the dealer and have the "BCM" re-flashed to add the NAV option to it.

The ECM has nothing to do with it.

You probably need to talk to someone ELSE at your dealer, because the guy that said you need a ECM don't know what he is talking about.

You may even need to find another dealer that is willing to reflash your BCM to add the NAV option.

From what I have read online... some dealers don't know how to do it.

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In my humble opinion...it is way more trouble than it would "EVER" be worth...

If having NAV and BOSE is that important...

I would just look for another car that had NAV installed as a factory option and trade cars.

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Thanks for the detailed advice. I thought that it would be a difficult install in the first place. What are your opinions about aftermarket in dash nav radios? I see them from Kenwood and one from Motevo that is supposed to be a plug and play install. Any advice on this.

I can't give any advice on the aftermarket nav units...mine has factory NAV

That may be the best way to go....I don't know.

I would "ASSUME" that they isolate themselves from the cars computers.

But remember that the factory radio does more than just play music...

It is part of the computer system and is tied into the built in LAN in the car.

That's why the BCM has to be re-flashed to add the NAV functions if you were putting in a factory NAV.

Do your research on aftermarket "CAREFULLY" to make sure that they really are compatible and won't be throwing codes and that nothing will be missing that the car needs to operate correctly.

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I will definately do my homework before I make any installations. My last resort (probably the best) is just to buy a Magellen or Garmin GPS. I know several people who have them and are very happy with them. Thanks again for the help.

No problem...glad to help.

Just as a side note...

I really do like the factory NAV built into the dash.

Nice and clean and no Garmin stuck to the dash or the windshield.

Good luck on what you decide and keep us posted how everything goes.

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Sorry to bring up an old topic but this is a subject I have done some research on. I still haven't figured all the specifics out yet.

•Apparently, there is a wire that runs from the BCM? to the radio that tells the radio how fast you are going. From what I have been able to determine, it isn't a very expensive part.

•Of course, the GPS antenna has to be installed. Also not very expensive.

•Now, while the car already has a microphone for Onstar, the Nav microphone is separate and is not in cars without Bose speakers. I guess this mic could be added but may be a pain in the butt. From what I was told, it will work fine without this mic but you will just not be able to give the radio voice commands.

•There is apparently a GM Accessory Nav unit that can be installed without Bose but I can't find specifics on it.

•Basically, from what I have been able to determine, with the VSS wire, GPS antenna, and the dealer doing the programming, it is possible to install the Navigation unit. I'm pretty sure it is NOT necessary to install the Bose speakers, Bose amp, or any new computers. If anyone can get a final answer on what will be required to install the Navigation unit, I'd love to hear the specifics.

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