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Brake upgrades


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A lot of people here have installed drilled or slotted rotors with great success. I've had a set of drilled rotors on the front of mine for over 50,000 miles now, and haven't touched the front brakes since. That's unheard of with this car. It would usually require pads and/or rotors resurfaced every 20-25k miles. In addition to the longer life, brake fade is now GONE.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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I just put Power Stops' in all four corners and am Very happy with them and the way they stop (I love that "Werrrring" sound they now make under hard braking when almost stopped)

Summitt Racing has cross-drilled AND drilled & slotted (my choice) for @ $100 ea front and $70 rear (I know the rears aren't doing a whole lot but I had one that was "pulsing" anyway)

So, the whole thing came to about $350 delivered - not bad.

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I use Raybestos BruteStop cross drilled & slotted on the front and their PG Plus on the rears. Combine with their Quiet Stop pads all around and you get great stopping power and very low dusting.


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