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New Use for Pledge Wipes

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I've been keeping a seal-top package of Pledge Wipes in the pocket behind the passenger's seat for a couple of years. Every week or two, when I'm stuck in traffic on the freeway, or at a long redlight, and otherwise bored, I pull out a Wipe and clean the steering wheel, the gearshift knob, the top of the armrest, the dash, the dash cover, the door panels and such - and the interior of my car always looks fresh and new.

I pulled the bolt with a hole for the coolant recovery tank hose the other day to clean it out, and realized after I was through that I didn't bring rags with me from the house (which is up 90 stairs) and I wanted to go somewhere - and I wanted to clean my hands before I went. I thought - well - Pledge Wipes. They worked great on my hands - and although there wasn't grease on them, they were pretty dirty.

Then, I got busy on the engine's beauty cover, on the air cleaner housing, the headlight and radiator covers - and they all look GREAT.

They both clean and put down a layer of silicone that makes things look new. I highly recommend them!

4 bux worth lasts me 6 months or so.

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If you mean Pledge Mult-surface clean and dust wipes, they contain isopropanal (synonym: propyl alcohol), water, and cloth. Reference.

Since you mention a silicon layer: Pledge wipes with orange oil contains Polydimethylsiloxanes (Silicon oil) (3-7%), Naphtha, petroleum, hydrotreated heavy (3-7%). Reference

I often keep a clean micro-fiber towel that I used for cleaning the dash, etc. Then just pop it into the wash if needed. I'll have to try Pledge Wipes with orange oil.


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have to be careful with the dash pamel I would say . The sun exposure may dry and or shrink the panel prematurely


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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