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1996 Deville starting issues

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I have a 1996 Deville. It seems that on cold days the car will start and shut off after running for a second or two. It will do this several times. Usually when it does this the IPC goes black. The last time it did it I called a tow truck and had it delivered to the local dealership. By the time the tow truck came (60 min) I went out and the car started and ran with no issues. The dealership says they found a mouse nest under the dash and some chewed wires. They wanted to replace the whole wiring harness from the front of the car to the dash. I declined and took it to a small shop.

The battery and alternator have been tested and they are both good.

The shop says all signs point to the IPC being bad. They had the car for a week and a half before it would duplicate the issue again. Mechanic says he has checked all grounds, cleaned connections, etc.

I took an IPC out of another Deville today (not fun) and plan to drop it off in the next few days. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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sounds about right, im having starting problems with my 97, but if they found mice you should've let them do it unless ur an electrican. when they perform a job and you still have problems you can take it back right. but if you do it, you could miss something and an engine fire can happen. two things i dont play with fire and electricity.

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