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This post is not for everyone. Only people as unluck as we are in Pennsylvania may even see a problem like this one. I am trying to get my car inspected and first it has to pass an emissions test and starting this year the garage has to plug into the cars OBDII plug. This is where the trouble starts. The first place I took it to said the cars serial port was not communicating with their test equipment. I was thinking the serial port ( OBDII port ) was not working. I disconnected the battery and brought the car to another garage and had them put a scan tool on it and check the serial port. They said it was working fine but they didn't have the time to inspected the car.

It has been about two weeks and I just got back from a 1,600 mile trip and brought the car into another garage to get the inspection only because the emissions test equipment was not working at the usual place I bring my cars for inspections. The garage can not do the inspection now because the readiness sensors are not ready. From what I can tell the readiness sensors are there to keep people from disconnecting the battery to clear problems from showing up during inspection.

They gave me instructions to clear the two oxygen sensor readiness issues and I did them twice and I was unable to change the readiness status. I was told to start the car cold below 50 degrees C , let idle for 2.5 minutes with the a/c and rear defroster in drive. after the 2.5 minutes drive at 55-60 mph steady for 3 minutes . This was suppose to ready the oxygen sensors.

I am sorry this is so long but I am trying to give you guys enough info. Please help if you can. I have until the end of this month to solve this issue. Thanks Dan

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Sounds like you are arriving at the test location with a car that is not fully warmed up and is still running in open loop mode. Not good.

Look at this page and scroll down to "General Motors Driving Cycle"


Good luck. Parts of GA also test OBDII vehicles the same way and I drive for at least 20 minutes before arriving at the test site to be sure the car is at operating temperature.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Readiness status....

They do this to prevent someone using a scan tool just before inspection to clear all the codes in the system. This would technically pass the car.

They typically will send you away for a couple of days to allow for the car to go thru the readiness drive cycle. What that is is a drive test for each system and potential codes.

Its very interesting to clear the codes from a GM car with a Tech2....and then go for a 10 mile drive. You will drop out 75% of the outstanding readiness status 'codes.'

Most states allow 4-5 readiness status issues in the system to pass the car. They will not do it when there are 200.

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