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4 tone horns in a 2002 dts


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Has anyone here ever put the 4 tone"trumpet" horn set in a 2000 and later deville. I have a set of the horns but I'd like to know what problems other people have encountered installing them, such as what to do about the wiring and where to put the horns. Also any idea why this horn was discontinued, the horn in this car is so weak compared to my 95.

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I added the trumpet horns to my 95 STS, which like your DTS, had your average boring everyday horn too. We had an 87 Fleedwood prior to the STS, so I know how you feel when you all of a sudden do not have that wonderfully LOUD horn to clear the way in front of you! lol

I pirated the extra two horns from an old 80's Buick. I can not remember what horns I had, and which I got from the Buick, but I know the notes are "A", "C", "D", and "F" for the full symphony. lol

I realize that your DTS is entirly different from my STS, but I ended up mounting my extra two horns just behind the grill, on a plastic brace type thing. You can really bolt them anywhere you can find room. They are plenty loud, so you don't have to worry about them being muffled by anything! One tip on the location though, and this is just due to personal preference... if I were to do it again, I would try to bolt them directly to a structural piece of the body/frame, as when you blow the horn, this way the vibration is felt, and not only heard. That was the sensation of our old fleetwood that made the horn seem so powerful...you could feel the car "Hum" as you layed on the horn.

Hope this helps!

(actually I think there might be some stuff in the archives on this topic... try a search)

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