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Remote Keyless Entry Problem


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My Keyfob 1 (1997 Eldorado) is not unlocking the doors. The three other functions work perfectly, as do all four functions on Keyfob 2. I just replaced the battery, no change. I've cleaned the contact for the unlock button on Keyfob 1 with a rubber eraser first (very gently) and with rubbing alcohol. No help. This function has been working on and off for the past year or so, but now it doesn't work at all. The dealer wants $140 for a new fob plus another $40 to program. Do I have any other options?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Check to see if one of the electronic components has a poor connection to the circuit board. I had to resolder either a resistor or a capacitor to the board on my '96 Seville. Prior to discovering a fatigued solder joint, the remote functioned intermittently. After I resoldered the connection, it has been fine.

Logan Diagnostics often has remotes for sale as do a lot of people on ebay.

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I checked the board and it's impossible to tell if there is a loose connection, perhaps not impossible, but I can't tell. How can I contact Logan Diagnostics for a new (used?) remote?

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We use to have some remote available....no longer.

The '96-'97 remotes are unique. They are a 2 year only remote. A '95 remote wont work...and a '98 244 remote wont work.

'97 Cateras remotes will also work...

I think the following remotes with the last 4 #s will work.





That is from memory...so dont hold me to it. One other issue. You cannot program 2 #1 remotes to work. You have to have a #1 and a #2.

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I purchased a used remote for my '97 DeVille last year off of e-bay. I found out after the fact (as Logan pointed out) that you cannot program two #1 remotes for the same car. As a result, it has gone unused. I only purchased it to have a spare. The numbers on the back, beside the big #1 are:


Canada 218101375


E-mail me if you are interested.

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If you buy a new one, You can program the thing yourself if it is like the one I have on my 1997 STS. I had also called my dealer and they told me $42 to program the thing, I looked on the internet and printed the instructions on how to do it with the climate control in the car and did it in 2 minutes myself. Made me mad that the dealer did not tell me this and was going to charge $42.

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