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Unidentified Option Codes


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Can anyone identify the following option codes? My '94 service Manual doesn't have them listed in the option codes section.

And does anyone know what the code R1P, "Chassis Equipment, Heavy Duty, Coachbuilder" buys you? I would like to specifically identify what parts or modifications make up this option. I never knew the vehicle had this specific option until I finally investigated the installed options label.

Vehicle is a '94 Fleetwood










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If no one can give you an answer here, a dealership might be able to tell you.

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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Found the info on the Yahoo Cadillac owners website....


Regular Production Option (RPO) codes are a three-digit combinations of letters and numbers. They identify standard equipment and in most cases some optional equipment that is installed on the vehicle at the assembly plant. Also contained on the SPID label are the trim & paint colors.

Certain GM accessories can be ordered at the same time the vehicle is ordered. These are called Regular Production Accessories (RPA). The accessory is listed on the vehicle’s window label and SPID label. However, the RPA does not accompany the vehicle when it leaves the assembly plant. Instead, the item is shipped directly to the dealership for installation at the time of delivery.

Below are the most common RPO numbers you are likely to find on a Fleetwood. A RPO Master List that includes every RPO code used within the last 20 years is available in the Regular Production Option Master List (PDF, 1.1MB), the RPO codes are arranged in alpha-numeric order, and this list is huge, containing more than 18,000 items.


AA7 Window, Power Operated, Quick Opening

AK5 Restraint System, Front Seat, Inflatable, Driver & Passenger

AM5 Seat, Front Split, Driver and Passenger, 6-Way Power Adjuster, Power

Recline, 2 Way Power Lumbar, 4-Way Manual Headrest, Storage Armrest

AM6 Seat - 60/40 Split Front Bench

AN4 Restraint, Provisional Child

ARL Plant Code, Arlington, TX GMAD

AU0 Lock Control, Remote

AU4 Lock, Side Door, Electric Automatic

A23 Windsheild, Heat Reflective

A75 Back Front, Heavy-Duty

BY1 Ornamentation, Exterior Emblem, Body, Var 3

B18 Ornamentation, Interior, Deluxe

B9Q Model Conversion Hearse (Funeral Coach)

CB5 Roof Covering, Vinyl, Padded, Full

C49 Defogger, Rear Window, Electric

C68 HVAC System, Air Conditioner Front Automatic, Electronic

DC5 Mirror Inside, Rear Headlining, Illuminated

DD8 Mirror, Inside, Rearview, Light Sensitive

DE5 Mirror, Outside Left and Right Remote Control Electric, Folding, Painted

DL5 Decal, Roadside Service Information

DL8 Mirror, LH & RH Outside Remote

EXP Processing Option Export - I.E.S.

FE1 Suspension System, Soft Ride

FE2 Suspension System, Ride Handling

FE7 Suspension System, Front & Rear Heavy-Duty

FE9 Federal Emission Certification

GM8 Rear Axle Ratio 2.56

GU4 Rear Axle Ratio 3.08

GU6 Rear Axle Ratio 3.42

GW9 Rear Axle Ratio 2.93

G67 Level Control, Auto, Air

G80 Rear Axle Locking Type (Limited Slip)

IDG Trim Interior Design

ID3 Trim Interior Design

IQB Trim Interior Design

IQ2 Interior Design (Q2)

JA2 Brake, Heavy Weight Disc Drum

JM4 Brake, System, Power, Front Disc, Rear Drum, Cast Iron, Antilock

KC4 Cooling System, Engine Oil

KD1 Cooling System, Transmission Oil

KG9 Generator, 140 Amp

K05 Heater Engine Block

LT1 Engine, Gas, V8 Cylinders, 5.7 Liters, MFI, HO

L05 Engine, Gas, 8 Cyl, 5.7L, TBI

MX0 Merchandised, Transmission, Automatic Provisions, O/D

M30 Transmission, Automatic, 4 Speed, 4L60E, Electronic

NA5 Emission System, Federal, Tier O

NB6 Emission System, California

NB8 Emission System Override, California System Requirements

NC7 Emission System Override, Federal System Regulated

NM8 Leaded Fuel (Government Order)

NP5 Steering Wheel, Leather Wrapped

NP7 Steering Column, EEC Approved

NV7 Steering, Power, Variable Effort

NO8 Lock Control, Fuel Filler Door Remote Controlled

N65 Wheel and Tire, Spare, Space Saver, Steel

N81 Tires, Spare Fullsize

N83 Chrome Wheels 15x7 - Styled

PA3 Aluminum Wheels 15x7 - Styled

PF2 Wheel, 15x7, Aluminum

QMV Tire All, P235/70R15 WS1 R/PE ST TL AL2 1025 (Goodyear)

QQD Tire, P235/70R15/WS2 R/PE STTL ALS 102S (Michelin)

R1P Chassis Equipment, Heavy Duty, Coachbuilder

R1Z Conversion, Government Use

R8P Rear Convenience Package (Sales Item No. 65)

T2R Lock, Remote Control Frequency Delete (Export)

T61 Lighting, Daytime Running

T82 Headlights, Auto On-Off Control

T85 Headlamps, Left Hand Rule of Road

T87 Cornering Lamps

T90 Lamp, Signaling and Marker (Export)

UA6 Theft Deterrent System

UG1 Opener, Garage Door, Universal

UG2 Opener, Garage Door, Universal - Delete

UW6 Speaker System, 6, Front Door Woof&Tweet, Dual Extended Range Shelf

UX1 Radio, AM Stereo & FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse,

Music Search Cassette, Equalizer, Clock, ETR

U02 Cluster, Instrument, Kilometers and Miles, Digital Speedometer

U1H Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Music Search Cassette,

Compact Disc, Equalizer, Clock, ETR

U74 Power Antenna Delete

U75 Power Antenna Radio

U89 Wiring Harness, Car Trailer

VC1 Label: Price/Fuel Economy, Courtesy Delivery

VG9 Protector Wax, Exterior Body

VK3 License Plate, Front Mounting Package

VM3 Label Information, Consumer Bumper Impact Front & Rear 5 MPH

V03 Cooling System, Extra Capacity

V08 Cooling System, Heavy Duty

V4N Processing, Gold Key Delete

V4P Trailer Provisions, Not To Exceed 7000 LBS

V4R Provision Options, Vehicle Security

V4S Merchandised Package, Fleetwood Brougham

V4U Equipment - Coachbuilder, Not to Exceed 7,200 lbs (Limousine)

V73 Vehicle Statement, US/Canada

YF5 Emmision Certificaton, California

YL1 Trim Override, Upholstery, Leather/Vinyl

YL2 Paint, Special, Firemist

YN3 State of New York

YN6 Domestic Orders

YN7 Central Office Orders

Y22 Sales Zone, Missouri

Y28 Sales Zone, Flordia

Y34 Sales Zone, New York


Z49 Export, Canada Modified Mandatory Base Equip

O3U Primary Color, Exterior, Marblehead Grey Metalic

08U Primary Color, Exterior, Mary Kay Pink

14I Very Dark Gray (97)

14T Light Gray Metalic (92)

14U Exterior, Light Gray Metalic (96)

18T Top Color - Dark Green Gray Metallic

18U Primary Color - Exterior, Dark Green Gray Metallic

19I Interior, Trim, Black

143 Light Gray Leather

192 Black Leather

193 Trim Combination-Leather, Black

30U Primary Color, Exterior, Medium Adriatic Blue Metalic

33T Top Color-Light, Driftwood Metallic

33U Exterior Color-Primary, Light Driftwood Metallic

39U Primary Color, Exterior, Light Adriatic Blue

40T Top Color, White

40U Primary Color, Exterior, White

41T Top Color-Black

41U Exterior Color-Primary, Black

52I Interior Trim, Lt Neutral (1)

523 Trim Combination, Leather, Light Neutral (3)

6DJ Spring-Computer Selected, FRT, LH (DJ is one of the softest springs)

6TP Spring, Computer Selected, Front, Left Hand (TP firmer end of the spectrum)

7DJ Spring-Computer Selected, FRT, RH

7TP Spring, Computer Selected, Front, Right Hand

72U Exterior Color-Primary, Medium Garnet Red Metallic

77U Exterior Color-Primary, Dark Cherry Metallic

8HF Spring, Computer Selected, Rear, Left Hand

8RA Spring,Computer Selected, Rear, Left Hand

8RZ Spring-Computer Selected, RR, LH

91U Primary Color, Exterior, Purple Pearl

92U Primary Color, Exterior, Dark Calypso Green

9HF Spring, Computer Selected, Rear, Right Hand

9RA Spring, Computer Selected, Rear, Right Hand

9RZ Spring-Computer Selected, RR, RH

BC/CC Base Coat/Clear Coat (Paint)

WA- White

U8554 Universal Paint Code

40T Top Color, White

523 Trim Combination, Leather, Lt Neutral (3)

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