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ed blaq

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Instead of sinking $750-$1000 on a set of new rims for the 95 I was toying with the

idea of keeping the stock rims and going to a lower profile tire. Any ideas on what a safe size would be for the Lac? I was thinking a 215 55R 16 might be within safe boundaries? A little lower and wider! Stock is 225 60R16 Any input appreciated!


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I've run (and am running) 255/50x16 on two STS's, with many spirited miles logged. No problems whatsoever. This results in very little speedo error (-1.8%) if I remember correctly, when deviating from the stock size of 225/60x16.

The result (in the picture below) is a nice, wide low profile with a footprint of eight inches of rubber on the ground.

Be advised that this larger rolling mass (resistance) will affect the gas mileage negatively (~1.5 mpg for me), and shave a little off your ET.

It all depends on what your'e after... ;)

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

user posted image

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If you want to modify the rims just get the ones you have painted white, should look cool with your car :) and then white-out the chrome around your doors

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