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I recently had a problem with my drivers seat not moving at all

I had the stealership test it,they said it was a bad memory module

GM no longer has the part in stock :wipetears

I finally tracked a used one down and received it today

I installed new module and now I have seat movement from

the memory 1 and 2 buttons only

the seat control buttons on the side of seat still dont work

problem is the preset memory settings that it is following

have me kissing the dash!

Is there a way to reset the memory on this module?

I know I can take it to the stealership and have them flash it

but id like to avoid paying the high cost

please let me know if any tricks are possible for me to try

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if you can adjust the seat to a position comfortable to you, press the set button until it beeps and then either 1 or 2 for the memory. It should store the position in the module. Maybe worth a try.

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