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Few OBD-II Codes Need to be located

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I ran a couple of OBD-11 runs after I gave it a routine tune-up, I disconnected the battery for about 2-3 days after the tune up, other codes that where previously "history" disappeared but i received new ones:

ACM/B1348 (history) - Very Low A/C/ Refrigerant Pressure

IPC/B1552 (history) - Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Error

IRC/B1903 (history) - Air Bag Crash Sensor #1 (Ground Circuit Short to Battery)

PCM/P1645 (history) - Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Vent Solenoid Output Circuit

PCM/P0603 (history) - Control Module Long Term Memory Reset

ACM/C1255 (history) - EBCM Internal Malfunction

IRC/u1129 (history) - Loss of Communication with AMP

RFA/U1300 (hisotry) - Class 2 Short to Ground

With that said i am trying to figure out where to start to fix these problems, car feels good and runs good but dont like having these type of problems on my mind. If anybody has ever fixed any of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated!

(1998 Deville Concours/4.6/=117K Miles)

* The Bold,Underscored, Itaizised Code Wasnt on the Site that I referred to

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I've tried to like others say after the pcm and taking off batery neg..? But how else would I clear them?

ill post up 2morrow afternoon after: a drive or while warming up or idle ?

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Sorry, been very busy these past days..but the voltage after driving is from 13.8 to 14 @ idle, whin I first trun the ignition on its at about 12.8

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Its ok Ranger, I got the details and now cleared all codes, now now codes show, but I did it in my garage. Ill give it a test run tomorrow and see what else pops up.. thanks

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