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Bumper got bumped


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Good morning room,

On saturday after the mighigan football game, I was leaving and got rammed from behind by a friend not paying attention! To say the least we did not do a police report since we were drinking most of the day! The bumper is cosmedically fine but is pushed in, the middle and the passenger side almost flush with my truck, while the drive side is fine......Is the bumper easily fixed, new absorbers and such or is it a pain! Any advise would be great, going to try and do this myself. Thanks alot guys


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I suggest you post a picture (must be less than 64k) or a link to one (if larger than 64k). You may want to include the model and year. Did

If the shock absorber are deflated, I don't think they can be re-set.

I think bumper paint is typically more difficult to work with, compared to body panels.

The color of paint may be another factor (White diamond being the highest). My neighbor just paid about $1,000 for a special pear/metallic repair to a scuff/crinkle on his car's bumper - about the size of a baseball.

If yours is a common type model/color - would you consider a salvage yard one to match your color? Since both cars would be about the same year anyway - what's the differance? Not like its a part affected by mileage.


Good luck

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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