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Just want outside air, no a/c

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Select 60 degrees with both temperature knobs, select either AUTO or your favorite MODE for air flow, select RECURCULATE OFF, select AC OFF, and manually toggle the FAN speed to whatever you desire.

And your Owner's Manual does explain all your options.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Wondering how I can just get fresh air in the cabin with no a/c or heat on. In my maxima there is a vent/fan that just brings in outside air with no climate control. Wondering how this is done in the Deville? My owners manual is no help. Thanks!

Hit the AC button. Most people assume this turns the AC on, but it also turns the AC off. You will see this on the digital display. Then you can set the temp at 60 which is the lowest setting and it will bring in outside air.

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