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I have been noticing a few drops of coolant on my garage floor, so today I investigated the source. There is a small 3" long straight hose with 2 clamps, that comes off the right side of the water pump,(as viewed from the side of the car)and heads back to the firewall. Maybe to the heater? Anyway, that seems to be the source of the leak. Does replacing that hose require removal of the pump, or can I cut it in two and remove and slide in a new one? THX ED

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Is it a green, silicone hose? If so, you should not need to remove the water pump to replace that hose. Maybe the clamps just need to be tightened?

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There is a green silicone hose from the factory. It's under the TB I believe and silicone was used because of the heat it is exposed to and the difficulty of replacement.

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this might be to late but i thought it was just 1 hose but there is a tube connected to this hose thats stays on. i went to the junk yard got 1 for ten bucks easy fix. i had the same problem two drops of coolant, but my hose was about to burst, i was lucky i found it coming out

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