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Don't know if ya'll are into to this kind of thing but come check out:


They give you free webspace to showcase your caddy (or other car).

Once you get that up and running you can go head to head with other members' cars in "battles" and let people vote on which car they like best.

I've been a member for several months and it's a blast.

Posted this here because of this message from a RMR buddy of mine:

"We need to round up as many Caddy owners as we can and get them on this site. We need a Cadillac Cavalry. Can you help me with that?"

Anyway, I think RMR needs more caddies, so check this out, and tell me what you think, and JOIN - it's AWESOME!

P.S. My username there is "davedog"

Crystal Red Tintcoat Exterior | Shale/Brownstone Interior | 32k

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That looks fun! I just signed up and I ranked your car!

18 Year Old Male

Black 1992 STS 4.9L

90,XXX Miles

Flowmaster 80 series muffler :D

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