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I know everyone likes it when an old thread is brought back to life so here goes :-).   I had this leak on my new to me 2004 DTS this week, I was kind of bummed as I just bought it and it puked out transmission fluid all over my garage floor.  I thought well there goes a couple of grand on a tranny rebuild 😞  Anyway I purchased this seal/bearing Mikelawson mentioned above and so far it has fixed my issues.   I am not sure if this is mikelawson's website or not but this is where I bought it  https://www.fitzall.com/94125LB.php   .  Only time will tell but so far its been great and seems like a better fix then replacing the bushing even if it was easy to replace (which it is not).

Just a couple of tips, where it says to use silicon use blue silicon as it will squish out letting you know the bearing is pressed in all the way (clear silicon not so much:-).  Second tip is to go ahead and remove the strut as it is in the way and you won't have room to get a good swing to press the bearing in (I had to use a 2 foot 2x4 and a small one hand sledge hammer to get it in.   Maybe I have just missed it but I am surprised this fix isn't all over the forums :-). 

I also purchased the install tool and 1/2 shaft that is already ground to the right diameter, shipping was supper fast.   


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@OldCadTech was going to do the exact same thing if I recall.    Glad you got good results and didnt need to get it rebuilt!

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