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Looking at a Deville.


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Hey so I found a 2001 DeVille at a local dealer. They are looking for 9,900 it has 49k. The car looks great in the pictures there may be a dent on the rear fender but, I might try to get them to fix it. I was wondering if there are any major issues I should know that these models have? I will be replacing my 1996 Seville that got hit by a customer while I was working at his house.

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af far as I am familiar with,

slightly common issues are the intake cracking internally, not too bad.

and maybe it is just me but I seem to notice more 2000 + having crankcase oil leaks.

You should post some pics, that is low miles for a 01


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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49,000 is low miles for an '01. The 2000+ Devilles are great cars. I miss the power trunk pulldown and the 4-note trumpet horn (I added the additional horns to my '05 though).

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Odometers can be turned back on modern cars. Get the CarFAX.

There were a few model years from 2000 on that had a lot of crankshaft sensor failures but by now most of them have been replaced.

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