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Gasket Under Air Cover Cleaner


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On my 95 4.9 Deville, I noticed that the round gasket between my throttle body, and air cleaner cover was

in pieces when I took the cover off. I can't seem to find that gasket anywhere, and I'm not sure

what it would be called. I put the cover back on without the gasket, would it cause a vacuum leak? Thanks

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The same happened to my 91 4.9, I got it at the dealer but that was about 10 years ago now if I recall. Have you checked the dealer or on line at www.gmotors.com? Sent them a price inquiry and see if they have it

If you are unable to buy one, you might consider buying the appropriate weight of gasket material, and using the old one for size reference, for its width, cutting one out of the material.

Let us know if you find it

By the way, it wont cause a vacuum leak, if anything, unfiltered air could slip by, but if the cover screw is tight, I doubt that

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