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STS-V reliability


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I found a 2005 sts-v that I have fallen in love with. I want this car but have no idea what the realibilty of this motor is. Over the years I have learned alot about the Northstar motor and the maintiance cost of a Caddy thanks to this forum. I have not seen much about the 4.4 super charged engine or questions related to it on here. Is it as good as the 4.6 Northstar? Is the upkeep any more frequent or expensive?Are parts readily available such as the same used in Northstar motors? I sold my 2000 Eldo a few months ago because I rarely drove it due to the fact I was needed to work in another location that was 50 miles round trip daily and did not to put that many miles on it. So after several months I realized I only put 320 miles on my Caddy I decided to sell it because it was not used, now I miss it and want another Caddy. Is the STS-V the car for me? It will mostly be a weekend cruiser, and I love the power of this thing,along with the looks.

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The STS-V production started in 2006, so it is likely to be a 06 model made in 05? The STS-V is a low production, high value, expensive automobile. I suspect as it ages the cost to keep it in working order will likewise be stout, but of course well worth it if you appreciate the performance and luxury the STS-V offers.


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Have at it and enjoy that blown Northstar if you go that way.

Know that there is absolutely zero aftermarket parts support for that engine's supercharger (due to very low production numbers), and GM/Cadillac is not obligated to provide supercharger parts support after ten years.

Otherwise, a FUN weekend cruiser.


Drive your car.

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