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'94 Eldorado Grill

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So, a pheasant jumped in front of my car on the highway last night when my boyfriend was on his way home from work. My grill is totaled beyond any hope of repair. I have been searching the internet for a replacement, but I can't seem to find anything for my year that isn't custom made and costs like 500$. Everything is 1995 and newer. So, does anyone know if a '95 grill will fit? Or where I could possibly find one for my '94 that won't cost me out my rear end? My car looks like it belongs in the ghetto now or something...and I can't cope with that! sad.gif


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I don't think that there's any difference that would keep it from working. It probably mounts to the same points and fills the same space, just not quite the same look. There was a '95 Eldorado at a junkyard here a while back. You need me to check on that?

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you still need a grille. There is 2 94 at vinces U pullit in marcy on old river road. 1 black. 1 tan


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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