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What are Normal Temps?

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I was just wondering what temp is over heating for the car....my temp gage read 114 C after a 45 min drive...it only started to get that high when i was just parked with it runnung soo thats like 233.6 degrees Fahrenheit...it cools down back to 93 c ...where it usaly runs at so...199.4 degrees Fahrenheit is that normal?

Frist off...How hot is too hot for this car?

second. How do you know when the fans turn on...i never hear them.

I just bought this car...im worryed about it being a big big money pit...can any one help.

what should i do. I need this car to get to work and back...pluss...Its sooooo comfy...i could live in it. (sometimes i do).

Please help.

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I started a new thread for YOUR question, this way you can find it easy and answers for YOUR question can be in one location

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1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

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I'd say that is about normal temperature range for these cars in mine and a friends experience. My 95 has a thermostat that keeps it warmer than what I'm used to @ 98°C but it never climbs over 108°C...

My (new for me) 94 is almost identical to yours in that it stays about 91-93 when driving it and climbs to about 108 when sitting until the rad fans bring it back down. The Caddy dealer sold me the higher temp thermostat last year and said the lower temp ones aren't recommended because these cars are meant to run warm to keep them at peak efficiency...

It's always a little hasty buying a used car and not knowing it or being able to fully trust it. Take it out on a good road trip for a bit and get a feel for the thing! I've read a lot about head gaskets on here but I think these cars are pretty solid and haven't had any major problems with mine. My mind is starting to lean towards people being lazy and/or neglectful and leaving coolant in the system way too long. Can't be good for those gaskets...

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Actually, 103 C = 237 F. That seems to be a bit high to me. I wouldn't call it overheating, but it seems high. Have you checked your coolant level? Also, have you checked to see that your fans are turning on? They should always come on with the AC on, so turn the AC on then pop the hood to see if they turn on. You should also check to see if they are running once the car warms up past 225 F (107 C).

Normal temps can vary depending on the outside temperature and your driving conditions. My car typically runs at 210 F (98 C). When idling in traffic it climbs to 225 F or so, then the fans kick on and it cools back to 210. It's not uncommon to see temps get to 230 F (110 C) when idling in traffic, particularly when going from high speeds, as on a highway, into stop and go traffic...but it should always cool down again once the fans kick on or you start moving.


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