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Hello caddy ladies and caddy gents,

I recently picked up a 94 Seville STS with 186,000 kms in nice shape for $650.

Car runs and drives great but was lightly rear-ended when I purchased and has since been repaired.

The only problem left is that the blower motor will not turn. I have two of these cars and I swapped the motors and they both work in my 95...

I believe it to be a bad ground but I am not sure where the ground for the blower leads to.

I tested the voltage on the three wires (engine running) with a DVOM and found that:

RED was giving 13.9 volts.

GREY was showing 0 volts.

BLACK was @ 13.8 volts.

I'm not at all a smarty with anything electrical but I do know that the GROUND should not carry so much current. Would a guy be able to just splice onto the ground at the motor and ground the wire on the firewall somewhere?

I'm planning on driving this car for school this winter and the winters here are not too kind... Especially when you need to defrost a windshield at -30°C lol

Also, after reading around on here I thought I should let you all know that I have no current or history codes besides suspension ones.


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Well I figured I'd just post up here how I solved the problem (red neck style for now).

Since the ground wire was bad I just connected a wire to a bolt coming through on the firewall and tied it into the ground wire using a "tap connector", coated the connections in grease, and taped it up with electrical tape. It would be nice to fix this properly but until I have the time to get into the car and search for this ground, this setup will have to do.

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