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XLR Oil and Filter Choices

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Hello All,

With AC Delco changing designs from PF61 to PF61E filters and the old PF61 getting in short supply [or at least harder to find] I will be switching to another oil filter since the PF61E seems not to have a lot of good reviews.

After looking at a lot of tear downs of different brands of filters on the Web and You Tube, I will be trying the Purolator Pureone filter equivalent due to the metal center tube filter frame construction and seemingly good quality internal parts. Anyone with long term experiences in their XLR with this filter? Or a better alternative?

As to Oil, I have used Mobil 1 synthetic 5W-30 as recommended by the manual/oil cap. I have not had problems or issues so far with Mobil 1 [except the price of course].

Any better alternatives at the same or lower cost?

I change the oil every 4-7K mile since the oil filter tends collect debris and lose efficiency/ flow rate much above that mileage limit.

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