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We have a 1973 eldorado conv. It has been out in the weather for a lot of years. We need to get a dup title for it. Went to the title place with a lot of papers that showed the vin # but they couldn't come up with the title in their files. With all of the papers we have they said that we must take a piece of paper and go over the vin # so it show up on the paper. Well the one on the dash you can't get to. It is also supposed to be on the eng somewhere. Look and could't find it. Does anyone know the exact location of this vin #



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The VIN number for 1973 Eldorado Convertible is of the form 6L67S3Q 400001 to 450000. Beginning in 1971 the VIN is stamped on the metal under the dashboard and is visible through the windshield on the driver's side, and this is the definitive place to look for the VIN because it is legally required to be there. You may find it other places too due to the theft prevention measures that were designed in. Traditional locations for the VIN in older cars is a plate on the firewall, usually on the passenger side, and on the door jamb of the drivers' door on either or both the hinge and latch sides. Door jamb plates will have other data, such as GVW and tire size and pressure recommendations. The firewall plate will have the paint number and option codes. Some cars put a plate on the radiator mount alongside the emissions equipment sticker.

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