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Chinese Market SLS to get 2L Turbo 4 Cyl

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For 2011 or even 2012 GM are planning to fit the SLS with a 2.0T engine that appeared in the Buick Regal GS concept for the American market. This new 2.0T is not the same as the model used in the Chinese built Buick Regal or Lacrosse models, instead it appears to be an American built model (Chinese government data for the engine lists it as GM, rather than the usual Shanghai-GM), this 2.0T features direct injection which results in output of 264bhp and also 353Nm of torque, which makes for a powerhouse of a car.

Read More: http://www.chinacartimes.com/2010/10/27/cadillac-sls-to-get-264bhp-2-0t-engine/


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