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91 Eldorado leaking


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Hello, I also have a 91 Eldorado along with my Black 99'STS

I just got rained on for 10 hours and the eldo had about 2" of rain on the passenger rear floor. I'm not sure if it is coming from the sunroof, the clogged sunroof weep holes or the back rear window. the rear window has the vinyl roof around it. i dont know where the weep holes are, do i need to remove the headliner to get to them ? could it be leaking from the trunk ? would the water make it all the way to the floor without puddling anywhere else ? any and all help would be great. trying to determine where the first place to explore would be ? and is it difficult to determine ? would i be better bringing it to a sunroof place ? Suggestions would be helpful.

Rob. :)

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Not sure exactly where the rear sunroof drain tubes come out on a 91, should be near the rear wheel wells (just behind maybe). Someone clever came up with this idea, take some heavy monfilament fishing line, at least 30-40lbs test or weed trimmer line and push it through the drain lines to unclog. Would also be a good way to find out where the drain tubes end. I would avoid sending compressed air through the lines because they could blow apart at the joints. Hope this helps some.


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