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93 Deville egr removal

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This is what worked on my 1992 Eldorado 4.9 liter engine (non northstar)

OK the EGR valve is removable w/o removing anything else.

Just use a 13mm crows foot and a 4-5" long 3/8 inch drive extension and similar breaker bar.

A magnetic bolt fetcher can help position the driver's side bolt.

Just slide the extension behind the brake booster hose and couple the crows foot that has been placed below.

Have a good one.

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Glad it worked out. Make sure you don't get solvent on the diaphragm itself in case you are cleaning the EGR valve as opposed to replacing it.

Just tap out the carbon debris or else only use solvent on the bottom part making sure not to turn it upside down and allowing the solvent onto the diaphragm. Clean the stack tubes also. Block one of the EGR stack tubes inside the TB and spray compressed air (like even from a can ) thru the open EGR tube in order to get the debris out thru the intake manifold ports where the EGR valve installs over.

Might as well pay attention to the vacuum lines esp. going to the EGR solenoid (if your model has it). Mine had a split rubber connector there so I replaced all those lines with silicone rubber tubing.

There are other threads with good info on this forum.


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