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Harmonic Balancer?


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The engine is noisier at idle than it was before. When I just bought the car a year ago, I could barely tell if the engine was running. I can tell it now. :)

I have recently replaced the serpentine belt and the tensioner hoping it would help, but it did not. The tensioner was squeaking, by the way.

No squeaks anymore, but the engine vibrates slightly and makes that muffled clut-clut-clut noise. I have noticed the harmonic balancer was kind of eccentric. Is it possible? How can I fix it?

Here is a video of another engine, but the balancer wobbles pretty much the same way mine does.

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Do not ignore this as a nuisance. My wife's Pontiac T1000, an ex-Hertz car sold to us as just an ordinary used car by a now-defunct GM dealer, went bowling with it's damper wheel while she was on the way home from work on Route 128 (IH 95) near Boston. The damper wheel went hopping into the underbrush, and my wife went, alone, trudging along the shoulder of the freeway in the dark. You don't want to go there.

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