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ReflectionsOfTheDrive: Answering the myth of intake mods


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Some cars respond to different air intakes with an obvious increase in power. Others, such as those with Nissan’s VQ motor, arguably add any power at all. For the latter, most add an intake solely for the extra volume when dropping your lead foot to the floorboard. Intake manufacturers have long advertised increases anywhere from two to fifteen horsepower. An inordinate number of enthusiast forum arguments have stemmed from this over the years, as many claim there are no gains whatsoever.

Someone over at G35driver.com has finally decided to use his Infiniti G35 as the baseline, rent a dyno, and put this myth to rest…or more likely, start a whole new batch of arguments. Regardless, this should be a fun comparison and one that will at least result in actual dyno numbers from a relatively controlled test.

A few intakes have been sourced, but the more the merrier. If you can help out in providing another intake for the comparison, please let me know or jump on the forum to make a post. The first link below has a list of what is still needed.

The intake myth. The car. The test details.

The event details:
2pm Saturday, October 23
Kan Tuning
10011 Harmon Rd. Suite #135
Fort Worth, Tx 76177

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