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Releasing the tension


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Wondering how you release the tension on the tensioner pulley.

Ive loosened the man bolt and its given me enough slack to confortably fit the belt over all the pulleys.. just replaced a broke idler pulley (sinch is you take the RF covers off)

Not sure how to lock the tensioner pulley in the right place. supposidly its spring loaded but i dont know how to release it. any help fellas?

i can get it into posistion if i take the belt off the power steering pulley. but no other way. any safty precautions would be appreciated too. dont wanna loose a finger if it comes snapping back.

thanks - eddie

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BE CAREFUL tighten that bolt before you put the belt on it! Use a 1/2" 18" breaker bar or ratchet handle and release the pressure that way. See the square hole. Get the breaker bar in the square hole and pull it back. Be careful, put the belt under the tensioner last... Here is a photo see square hole


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