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Hey out there, I have another issue with the caddy. Im loosing coolant while Im driving. Whenever it is parked and I leave I always check under the car for leaks but find nothing. Yet I hve to put a gallon of fluid in it a week. I dont see coolant in the oil so Im assuming it is coming out while Im driving. Temperature at highway speeds are about 200 defrees F. I put a radiator in it three weeks ago that was cracked and this overheating is a new issue. The overheating stops for a few days after I put fluid in it. Can anyone help? I was also wondering what is normal coolant temp while driving?

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Normal temps on the Northstar (from my experience and seeing other posts on here) range from 195 to about 220-225, depending on driving conditions. When coming off a highway into stop and go traffic for example, it's not uncommon to see the temp get to 225 or so before the fans kick in and bring it down. During my average daily driving, my temp hangs out around 212.

Coolant loss as you are describing without a visible leak CAN be indicative of a head gasket breach, but that's a lot of coolant to be losing with a bad head gasket without there being other very obvious signs. White smoke from the exhaust that smells sweet like coolant, the smell of exhaust in the coolant tank, and a misfire (particularly upon first starting the car) would very likely be present if that is the problem in your case.


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