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Does anyone know where I can purhcase a new gear shifter? I have tried all the local wrecking yards in Phoenix and have found nothing. My local dealer is telling me that they have been discontinued. I didn't find anything on e-bay either. I have submitted requests to a couple wrecking yards on-line, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a spot that is guaranteed to have them.

I have a 92 El Dorado.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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A thought for your consideration:

When I replaced mine (due to worn and ugly looking leather), I was told that the '92 and later shifter handles are hard for wrecking yards to keep in stock because they tend to break. The older pre-'92 shifters (the T-shaped handles with the button you press with your thumb) are more durable and far more plentiful. They are completely interchangeable with the later design handles.

I've had the older type on my '94 Eldo for about two years, now. It works perfectly and looks great. I like it better! ;)

Hope this helps.


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