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92 Eldo front motor mount -part recommendation

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I searched a couple of online part shops for the front motor mount applicable to the 1992 Eldorado touring coupe

4.9lt engine (not NorthStar)

The pictures seem similar to the depictions in the service manual and what I can somewhat observe from under the car.

(the top section is a bit broken)but I'm not sure. You see I use the term front motor mount but terms are not all standardized..

(its the one just under ,adjacent, the AC compressor)

Can someone point me to a good quality motor mount and perhaps the part no. (manufacturer )or link?

I'm not at my desk top comp. otherwise I'd post pictures of the parts outfits' mounts and one of my car's broken mount.

The 'aftermarket' mounts seem not all alike and seem a bit different from the OEM.

I'm also curious as to whether the engine can be lifted from below with a floor jack or whether the factory method of slightly lifting from above is the only way? From below seems precarious due to the surfaces....??

about how many hours shop time is this job if I have a shop do it?

Thank you.

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