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LS6 coolant loss


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Has anyone experienced rapid loss of engine coolant with their CTS-V motor? California car shipped to U.S.Embassy in Beijing,normal city driving,normal heat range, 28,000 miles and no leaks on the garage floor, but check engine coolant light is a 4-6 week event,always need to add about one pint. The one Cadillac dealer in Beijing is improving, but don't see their service as helpful. What am I missing ? Small leak that just gets cooked off in the engine compartment ? Kendall, Operations Manager, Beijing Embassy.

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I have no (zero) experience with the LS6 but I don't see losing a pint of coolant every 4 to 6 weeks as a major leak. Of course, the cooling system should be "water tight".

Perhaps the (cold) coolant level is not at the proper level OR the coolant level message sensor is faulty?

A very small external leak can vaporize or be blown away by road draft. If the cooling system is maintained with Dex-Cool, there might be (difficult to see) traces of white/gray residue at the source of the leak.

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A leak this small can be anywhere. I would start by putting on a new radiator cap -- be sure it's the exact right part number, and an AC/Delco part. Other possibilities are small leaks at the hose clamps; as JimD says you can look for a white powdery residue near a hose clamp. If you don't find it there you can look at the traditional places like the radiator and water pump but those are very rare for a low-mileage new car.

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Check the engine oil to make sure there's no antifeeze mixing with the oil. Look at the oil filler cap, if there's a residue that looks like the color of the antifreeze then you've got an internal engine leak that's causing the antifreeze to mix with the oil.

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