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Failed Emissions AGAIN!


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After cleaning up the Mouse Mess/EGR Problem I took my car in for an emisson retest. This time I failed for Excessive CO.

Out of a 12 max for CO, I had a 12.72 and failed

Hydrocarbons I passed at .28 out of .8

My NOX reading went from 2.42 to .83 and passed

Any idea why this would be? I had a gut feeling I should unplug my battery to reset the timing, but I didn't have time to relearn the Idle, so I figured by the time I drove to the Emissions place, the car would have adapted. Was that a bad decision?

Any Ideas?

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Thanks for the replys. I have often heard of the Alcohol trick and wondered what the specifics were; however I kinda have an ethical problem with it.

To finish up the story, I did unplug the battery, and reset the adaptives. Then I did the Idle Control Learn Procedure.

I took it in for an emissions test, having done nothing else but that, and it passed without a hitch.

I really should have known to do the Idle Learn Procedure, since I was griping about having to remove the throttle body, and that is one of the key reasons you need to re-learn the idle. DOH! and YEA all in the same breath!

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Terrific you are legal again!

Your experience has added to our collective and will be assimilated.... :P

Early on sailors navigated by the stars at night and the North star became the symbol for finding ones way home. Once you know where the Northstar is you can point your ship in the right direction to get home. So the star became a symbol for finding ones way home or more symbolically even finding ones path in life.

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