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Hello All,

I have a 94 STS, I'm getting codes SO61 and SO62 Right front position sensor and left rear position sensor. I've notice when i'm on the highway and going around a curve i have to give the steering extra turns to negotiate the curve. Also sometimes, i notice the car wandering a bit. If i change these two sensors will this correct the problem? I recently took the car for a wheel alingnment and the mechanic said that the alignment was on off a little bit. Ball joints are greased and okay. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also i did the standing on the bumper test Shocks and springs are stiff with no leaks. The car has 105,410.00 miles on it. :D

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The simple answer is NO.

When the RSS computer reads a fault in a Position Sensor, it goes to the default position. That is, the suspension is set to the stiff setting. Other than the ride being less smooth there should be no difference. The conering performance will improve because of the stiffer struts.

This is my understanding

Vince P

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They're probably just sticking. Pull them off and clean the little balls with sandpaper (lightly) then work the sensor in and out (up and down) to free up any sticking that way, then grease the two end sockets as well as the two little ball joints you just sanded and snap them back on. Now your sensor should go up and down as well as swivel side to side freely.


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Both my front position sensors have failed. This is a fairly common problem.

They are quite expensive to replace. (Cost of a new sensor). It only takes a few minutes to replace.

If you don't want to replace the sensors, I also have designed a small circuit that can be added to replace the sensor circuit and it makes the computer think the sensor is fine.

Parts available from Radio Shack for about $ 5.00. This assumes you have a basic knowledge of wiring and using a soldering iron.

If you are interested in the diagram just let me know.


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