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Cruising in colossal Cadillac

Bruce Nunnally

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<img src="http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=SR&Date=20100927&Category=A_LIFE1203&ArtNo=9270306&Ref=AR&MaxW=570&MaxH=370&title=1&border=0">

A few years ago, he bought a toy for himself: a bright red 1975 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. From the expanse of the metal of its hood to the large bench seats, the Eldo is the definition of Detroit Steel and the epitome of a really big car.

Read More: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100927/A_LIFE1203/9270306


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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I can relate to that.. :)

A few years ago, I had a '78 Eldo Biarittz.

Had it for about 7 or 8 years.

We had a lot of fun cruising around on weekends.

When slowly cruising theu downtown on Saturday night...

People would sometimes turn completely around and watch it pass...:):D

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walked by a nice red toronado at the wrecking yard this weekend. the intake/heads were gone but the block was still in car. the body was in pretty nice shape for MN.

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I can relate, too--here is my 1971 Eldorado Convertible--the year with 365 hp and undiluted styling--the first of the '71 through '76 series of Eldorado Convertibles. It is a driving experience unlike any other vehicle, and looking out over that sharply chiseled, long, coffin-nosed hood with its wreath and crest, and angled lamp monitors midway on the fenders, the car is most impressive to any passengers! The ride is smooth and the acceleration and braking adequate for today's traffic. The car does its designed-for tasks superbly, if the typical stretch of roadways is urban America: transporting up to six passengers in luxury. If the weather permits, I lower the top, and if not, the Automatic Climate Control is set. The car always receives compliments wherever it goes, and thumbs-up from fellow motorists. There's a "special feel" when you're behind the wheel of a full-sized Eldorado Convertible--a sublime experience!


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