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A/C Low Refrigerant Warning

Ed Hall

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I’ve noticed that the AC performance on my car has been degrading. The other day the message console lit up with “A/C Low Refrigerant”. The car (and most likely compressor) has almost 200K miles and I’ve owned the car for the last 2 ½ years. It has held its charge for at least since I bought it so I’m looking for some expert advice? Now that the system is low, would this be the time to replace the condenser and accumulator? I would like to replace the accumulator because it looks like it is in bad shape. I’m surprised that it even holds anything. I don’t have any way of recovering what’s in there so how much Freon would I be releasing? If I were to just top it off the way it is, how many pounds of Freon would I need to add? Is there any way to pinpoint leaks that are this small? Are there any good AC repair books? I should check my factory service manual.

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The only positive way to know how much R-12 is left in the system is to recover the refrigerant and weigh it. Then charge that amount back into the system plus the amount to bring it to a full charge.

I'd have a shop leak test the system with an electronic leak detector and identify the source of the leak. It may be something that can be repaired easily such as a shaft seal. Then have it recharged to spec. with R-12.

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just fixed that on my eldo today :lol:

mine was just shwoing that message everynow and the, it took about 1 can to top it off, this happens to my once a year...just a VERY slow leak, if it's super slow like mine, just top it off every year and forget about it.... ;)

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