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Starter disabled this morning


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my 97 Deville will not start this morning, neither set of keys, I get the starting disabled notice..but DO NOT get the 3 minute count down......codes are 2710 / 2750

B2710 - PASSKey Open/Shorted Pellet

B2750 - PASSKey Data Communication Failure

I can not take her to the shop for repair, $$ are way way to tight this month, where do I start? I have a GM mechanic for a son in law, he is rapidly learning about my Car! and learning he is not fond of it's intellegence <_<

I really do not have a clue and depend on you guys tremendously... can someone direct me to my next step?



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most likely bad/dirty/worn ignition lock contacts. keep trying putting the key in and out many times...you could spray some contact cleaner in the cilinder as well ( not too much!)

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