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Is there anywhere i can just buy the power steering pump resiovoir beacause the plastic fitting on the top of mine broke and i dont want to buy a whole new pump

I would think that the dealer has the part.

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The dealer may be the only source for the reservoir, but before settling on them, get the GM part number and do some on-line searching at some of the OEM discount dealers.

Also, if the dealership is the only source, don't...I say again, don't buy it from a Cadillac dealership. Go to a Chevy, Buick, or Pontiac dealer. I save as much as 20% on GM parts when I get them at a local Chevy dealership (30 to 40% sometimes at an on-line OEM discount house). I've found there's nothing one GM dealer can't order for any GM vehicle. Many people know this, but I thought I'd mention it, just in case.

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