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The system is probably low on refrigerant but not low enough to trigger the low refrigerant message. Feel the evaporator inlet and outlet lines - are they very close to the same temperature? If so, the problem is a mixer door actuator. If the outlet is warmer than the inlet side pipe, the system is low on refrigerant.

If you had a set of A/C gages, the high and low pressure readings would point to the problem.

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the actuators are worn. on 99's the plastic (cheap) wears down based on end-of-life engineering manufacturing initiatives via GM execs. Get Dorman products from rockauto or elsewhere about $115 passenger & $100 drivers side. Forums all around can assist in "how-to's". The dealer will charge you well over $1500 to fix this, shops will charge a little over half that. The freeon may assist but it would be a false positive effect. The work is not overly difficult, but your savings will be worth the effort.

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As Kevin mentioned post #2, rule out the refrigerant first. It sounds weird that low refrig would cause this (but it sure can).


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