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"00" SLS shift indicator stuck in "drive"

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Help!!!!... drove my car last night everything fine, no problems....went to start it this morning and it wouldnt start... Car thinks it's in DRIVE. it isnt... its in Park, but indates drive on cluster... I can jump the start relay to get her to start, but no matter where the selector is it is always indicates drive... NO reverse, or neutral... just drive...Mechanically Park is ok, but it still indicates "Drive" on instrument cluster. I disconnected the trasmission electrical connector and the cluster instrument doesn't indicate gear selection (thats a good thing actually)... it drives just fine once started, just cant put it in reverse or neutral...Drive, thats it... no matter what the shifter selection is..

This all leads me to think the problem is located internal to the transmission...is this common or possible?


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OK did some more checking....it is the selector in the transmission. The part I am focusing on is the IMS module. (internal mode switch). It used to be mounted externally but on the 2000 and up it is internal.

Is anyone familiar with this?... Is it replaceable without engine/tranny removal? I have sourced it and it is a fairly cheap 65 dollars...


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