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1997 SLS

I started hearing a humming noise coming from under the right rear side of the car. It sounds like it's coming from somewhere around the axle. It sounds simular to a load leveler trying to ajust the car, but the car sits & rides about the same as always. The car has always rode a little stiff to me on slightly rough roads or driveways, but fairly good on the open road. I have no alert or codes popping up on the information center (dash read-out). The car has 80,000 miles on it, and has always been well maintained and serviced.

Any ideas of what this noise is, and the possible cost of replacing the leveler, if in deed that's what it is making the noise?

Thank You,


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Sounds like it might be the ELC compressor, but that will not trigger an alert or "pop up" a code. You have to go into the diagnostics and pull the DTC's.

I have an OBD II reader (cheap one). Will that pull up the code for the ELC Compressor, or should I use the onboard? I had a simular problem on a 94 Sedan Deville years ago, that ran all the time, and jacked up the rear end of the car. It wasn't worth much (car) so I just unplugged the compressor (sitting on the top of the axle. It made the car ride ruff and loud over bumps, but it stopped the car from raising up in the rear end. This one don't raise up, but as mentioned earlier, it has always had a little rough ride to it while on rough roads or dirt.

Thanks Again,


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