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Blower Motor change - scraped knukles


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Just changed out the blower motor.

Followed instructions on how to do it without cutting the housing, or lowering the subframe. (i.e. remove cross-car brace, disconnect ignition module, re-position cross-car harness, removing inertial plate, reinstalling 2 of the screws, removing the 5 blower motor bolts, wrestling the old motor out, wrestling the new one in, re-installing what was previously re-positioned.)

My experience... lots a scraped knuckles. The hardest part was removing and re-installing the motors out of the housing. You need to rotate the motor with the "flat side" facing bottom. Pull out the old motor towards the front as far as it'll go and then tilt it up. I had a hard time since the cross-car harness was in the way. I had to wrestle with it quite a bit. Putting the new one in was again "fun". You'll end up with a frustratingly jammed motor in the housing. I eventually discovered (after 20 minutes of trials) that the best way is to reach around the bottom of the squirrel cage, and compress the cage inwards, while pushing the motor in. Once it pops in... what a relief!

To connect it up, I had to also remove the motor's connection socket from it's mount. The mount is held by a single screw.

*** I also used a plastic cable tie to secure the sparkplug wires away from the blower motor! Remember to do this! The wires need to be at least 1" away or you can 'fry" the electronic blower control module built into the motor assembly. My old motor had a sparkplug wire resting on the housing. :( I read the warning previously on this board, but I never heeded it. Now I learned my lesson. This board rocks and tells the truth!

P.S. I bought the motor for $197 delivered, from Ebay vendor "factoryautoparts". They are a GM dealer in TX and the new OEM motor was delivered in 3 days.

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