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92 De Ville security system problem


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My '92 De Ville alarm decided to sound off at 2am...after resetting it.. again at about 3am! a few nights later, ditto. I can bounce the car, yank the door handles, etc... will not set it off. It ONLY goes off if I have a window down and open the door using the inside handle. So why is it sounding off in the middle of the night? It did rain.. and the temp dropped several degrees, but that has happened before many times with the alarm going off.

any hints? are there any switches under the hood? What is the strange plastic part at the center rear of the hood- mine wobbles until the hood is shut. Could this be a switch? or just the source of several squeaks that seem to come from the hood ?

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Can't say much, but security system malfunction can also drain your battery even if alarm does not go off. As a temporary measure you can pull off a fuse in the glove box (at least it was there in my 91 Seville). That fuse unfortunately turns off the dash as well.

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