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Having the odd trouble code come up once in a while as well as some of the interior back lighting on controls not working and was thinking of a re-boot to see if this may clear things up. What does a re-boot (battery disconect) actually do? What settings do you lose? Anyone have problems after doing this? What is the best way to do one? Both positive and negitve cables? How long to leave disconected? Should I put a night switch in to make it eaiser in the future? Any comments muchly appreciated.


2001 STS Mettalic Otter Grey, Black Leather, 213,000 kilometers - miles - ? Still running strong!

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Ummmm.. I'm not sure, but i didn't lose any settings by disconnecting my battery. They seem to be stored in some sort of flash on the PCM, or the PCM has battery backed up ram

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