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Eldorado sold


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I sold my '97 Eldorado a few weeks back. After advertising on craigslist for quite some time I practically gave it away to some fellow who's trying to flip it. His interest was the first and only bite I had. The economy in Tampa Bay is in tough shape and more so for older Cadillacs.

I'm not sorry to see it go. And it was a real PIA moving it around the garage and driveway.

I'll remain with Caddyinfo - you're a great bunch of guys that I wish to continue to be part of. My son still has his '03 STS...


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The economy's pretty much in the dumper, but the primary problem with Northstar Cadillacs is the headgasket/headbolt problem - they have a terrible reputation. None of the dealers in the Tampa area would even look at when I told them it was a '97. I was only able to sell mine because I could prove that it had been Timserted. $1,600.00. That's all I could get for it. And I only got that because I had taken excellent care of the paint and interior and had Timeserted it. Northstar Cadillacs have a reputation for major problems. And let's face it; mine was a total s**tbox. I loved my Eldorado once upon a time but after my headbolt problem it totally fell apart.

I finally took it off the road after a "96 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas fell in my lap.

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