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Blog Post: Batteries and Automotive Know-how

Bruce Nunnally

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I have some knowledge of cars, especially the ones I drive.  I am NOT however an accomplished mechanic.    I admire and appreciate people who have a certain knack with mechanical items.  I do have some ability with computers and electronics, so I know the joy of just kind of putting your hands on something and [...]

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This summer has been extremely hot in the northeast, and I think that is partly responsible for two recent battery issues that I have been involved with.

This past Tuesday, a friend of ours was visiting, and needed an oil change on her 2005 Buick. She took it to WalMart and had the $30.00 job done. When the job was completed, her car wouldn't start. A quick check of the battery revealed an original Delco under the back seat. I suggested she change it for the same reason as the post says, a 5 year old battery, going into winter is not a good spot to be in. Of course WM didn't have one, and AutoZone wouldn't change it since it was under the back seat quoting liability for the vent system prohibited them from doing it. I did the work for her and on close inspection found the side of the battery bulged out. This is usually an indication of overheating or excessive material build up on the plates inside. The battery had indeed seen better days.

My sister visited yeterday, and after checking her car out, found the battery water level to be extremely low. I think the heat of this past summer had cooked it pretty well. This was a replacement battery, installed in 2008 (also 2005 m/y car), and was not maintenance free. I topped the battery up with distilled water and feel that she'll be good for another year or so.

Batteries are often neglegted these days, since they are so reliable, but it pays to keep an eye on them.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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