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HELP! 93 STS Entire Display gone


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HELP...Yesterday I was leaving a house I was showing and I had no display info....gas gauge didnt move, speedo, tach didnt move, no info on the fuel, no temp info, the fan was in and I couldnt do anything to turn it off...it was like at the controls were dead....the ABS light and SES light were on.

I can not pull codes the car drives and rides ok.....any ideas?

oh yeah 93 STS 133k....


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I had a similar problem just a few days ago and I thought I had checked all the fuses, but it turns out that I missed the MAXI fuses which are located under the plastic cover next to the fuses in the engine compartment (92STS). (check the post on the backprobe question).

Turns out that a maxi fuse blew and when I replaced it all was well.

Hope this helps.

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