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When the current model of the CTS was introduced for 2008, it had 2 engines, a 3.6 Liter VVT V-6 the produced

about 270 horsepower as I remember, and virtually the same engine with Direct Injection that boosted the

horsepower to 304. They still offer the 304 hp engine; but they have changed the 27i0 hp engine to a

3 liter engine WITH Direct Injection and I don't remember seeing anything announcing the change. In other words, if you had the 270 HP engine and liked it, you have to be careful not to assume that you will get

the same engine if you buy a new car.

Regrettably, according to the window sticker, there is no increase in mileage on the smaller engine though

there is a significant difference in price of the two.

Another difference is that they used to offer each engine with a variety of "packages" to give you what you want. Now however, they've come up with several different "levels" - the 3. L V6, the 3. L Luxury, the 3. L

V6 Performance, the 3.6L V6 Performance and the 3.6L V6 Premium. All of these models seem to come with or

without AWD. I'm not sure this new system simplifies anything.

Early next year I have to trade my 2008 and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the 3.L engine and what advantage or disadvantage it has over the 3.6L. After driving the 3.6L DI for nearly 4 years I will probably get another; but I'd like to know all I can about the options. thanks.

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The 3L came in 2010, and was part of the normal year to year change announcements.

I have driven the 3L V6 in a variety of Cadillacs, and in general I find it adequate. I would prefer the 3.6L and the 30 more HP in every application, but the 3L is stronger than engines in some of the competition. My pet peeve is that the 3L DI and the 3.6L DI cost the same to make, and have similar / the same MPG, so the benefit of the smaller displacement is lost on me in this application.

I would prefer to see the DI 3.6L as the base engine, a normally aspirated V8 as the performance engine, and a Supercharged V8 as the V engine.


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